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The College Magazine Horizon Edition Phoenix ’12 is a tribute to all those who have their thoughts, sketches, achievements waiting to be posted and to be shared. This year’s edition is named as Phoenix. Phoenix is a mythological bird that bursts into flames when it dies and then rises from its own ashes with a new life. It represents a new beginning, no matter how good or bad your past may be, you get back up on your feet. It can be simply interpreted that the end is just the beginning. We all have to change, for the better, for ourselves, for the pride and glory of our institute. Phoenix ’12 provides the glimpse of the events and activities of the year in the form of photographs and pictures in a best possible way. Detailed information regarding the departments, faculty, placement and Infrastructure is also provided.

I extend my thanks to all the contributors for their articles, poem and sketches. I owe sincere thanks to my student volunteers whose sincere efforts enriched the magazine. My deepest gratitude is due to the student editors for their undaunting spirit and unflagging support. Lastly, I thank and applaud the efforts of my team at editorial board which has worked with passion and dedication and has believed in the dreams of making Horizon edition Phoenix ’12 not only a magazine but a link for each individual related to institute.

Above all, I, and my team is indebted to the Honourable Trustees, Principal Sir, Administrative Officer and the Deans for their unconditional support during the course of the magazine. I am hopeful that you’ll get a lot from this year’s Horizon edition Phoenix ’12 while reading through its contents, and will remember it as a symbol of hope and happiness. With best wishes.

Dr. Saurabhi Chaturvedi
Editor, College Magazine 2012 

Magazine Committee

Chief- Editor : Dr. Sourabhi Chaturvedi (MBA)



Ms. T. Mandloi



Mr. Ravindra Sen



Ms. Ashlesha Singh



Ms. Shilpa Phadnis



Ms. Shweta Pandey



Ms. Shweta Mishra



Mr. Chetan Verma



Mr. Shyam Burhanpurkar


Magazine Committee

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