NIRF 2017 Data Sheet

Alumni Meet

On November 19, 2011 the Alumni Meet began with the welcome of the Alumni. All the alumni were thereafter escorted to their respective departments. Over the breakfast they discussed various developmental issues of the institute and promised the HODs and juniors to contribute in the progress of the institute. Afterwards a programme was organized in the auditorium. The programme commenced with lamp lightening and Saraswati Poojan. The dignitaries were welcomed by HOD and other Teaching staff.

Shri Kamal Narayanji Bhuradiya, Secretary, S.V.I.T.S. addressed the alumni and threw light on the journey of the institute from 1995 till present. It brought out complete ethos of a proud teacher feeling elated at his pupil achieving laurels and serving the society in highest capacity. He wished the Alumni group (in his own words) great rejoicing and bonhomie during the meet. He said that Alumni are the brand ambassadors of the Institute. Further, it was discussed as to how to contribute through Alumni Forum. Following needs were felt:

  1. Enhance the effectiveness of the Alumni Association.
  2. Increase the alumni connectivity/affinity and sense of pride.
  3. Build the perception of the philanthropic worthiness to make contribution to our alma mater.
  4. Creation of Career Mentor Program to help in placement of S.V.I.T.S products to enhance brand image of college.

Principal S.V.I.T.S. welcomed the Alumni and shared his experience with the audience. Thereafter he announced the names of Alumni Association formed in the presence of the members of the trust and all the HODs of various departments. He told that many strategies and tactics associated with them will enable the Alumni Association to become a force in helping interested alumni find various ways to serve. Second, the Alumni Association needs help you will hear of ways to volunteer. Third, we need you to reconnect to the College. Homecoming always provides a great opportunity. To help us reach out to alumni, the College invested significantly in the area of alumni relations this year.

The members of alumni association are as follows:

  1. President : Mr Sachin Anchaliya (1999, TX)
  2. Vice President : Mr. Kamlesh Gupta (1999, EC)
  3. Secretary : Mr. Abhay jain (1999, CS)
  4. Joint Secretary: Mr. Jigar Vaidya (2001, EC)
  5. Treasurer: Mr. Amit Udawat (2000, EC)

The sparkles were added to the programme when the Alumni shared their experiences at S.V.I.T.S. They became nostalgic when sharing their golden days of studenthood. The members of the Alumni board discussed that they may pass on their potential and capabilities as legacy to their juniors and institution by being the role models and carriers of the value system of students. Neha Jain dedicated a song “College days” for the alumni which made them nostalgic. Also a poem “Dosti” was recited by Nehal which brought tears in the eyes of alumni, as they were missing their friends and those days spent with them.

All the new members of the Alumni Board were given a floral welcome by various faculty members of the institute. At the last the Vote of thanks was given by Prof. Sudarshan Dubey and thereafter invited all the Alumni, dignitaries, faculty, staff and student volunteers for lunch. Overall it was a rejoicing day indeed.

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