NIRF 2017 Data Sheet


Technical education is the backbone of a nation. It plays a vital role as its boundaries encompass all the requirements of innovation, growth, development and life style in all sectors of society. Technical education is significant in the following ways :

It helps in raising query.

It develops curiosity: mother of all developments.

It leads to a broader perspective towards latest trends.

It broadens the canvas of imagination of a person.

It not only infuses varied qualities in a person but it also helps in seizing opportunities.

The spectrum of technological advancement is widening day by day in the 21st century. Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication are at the core of it. SVITS originated with these branches in 1995. Three more feathers - Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Textile Technology and Electrical Engineering were added to the cap of SVITS subsequently. All of them contribute effectively in the economy, productivity and development of our nation. They also produce quality manpower to ensure overall development.

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