NIRF 2017 Data Sheet

Library Facilities

The Library use D.D.C. (21Ed.) for Classification.

It is an open access systems.

Searching of books are done through Computer : Software used Lib Soft.

Photocopy facility available for Student / Staff in library premises.

Internet facility is available to Students / Staff. Type : ISP (M/s Khetan Cable Network – Radio Frequency Connection) Bandwidth: 1 Mbps. Topology : Star topology.

CD Writer, References Services.

Collaboration with DELNET & SAGE.

IEEE ASPP+POP Electronics Library Access Via Internet.

ACM Digital Library & Springer Access via Internet.

User 150 to 250 / day ( approx.).

EBSCO – ELITE MBA Digital Library Access via Internet.

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  • Library-02
  • Library-03
  • Library-04
  • Library-05
  • Library-06

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